"This Reduced Effort Changeover process absolutely develops standard best practice work."

---Mike Standley, Technical Manager, Major Beverage Company

"This workshop was great.  I've been doing this 20yrs now, and have no problem admitting your process was new to me."

----Danny Kralemann, Plant Manager, Major Flexographic Printer

"It has been one month since our Reduced Effort Changeover event and  

we had another "best ever" again this week.  Our big "impossible" goal  

was smashed again this week.  We have had "best ever" times 4 times in  

the past week.  The Reduced Effort process works and the product  

output is showing the fruits of this work.  The teams are looking  

forward to their reward breakfast."

-----Rob Martz - Process Engineer, Major Ice Cream Manufacturer

“It was the most impactful event I have yet to take part....... While you have always taken the stand that it is more about the culture and changing how people view their roles and responsibilities, I never realized just how true it is.  I believe your process is key to changing our site's culture, both at the associate level and the management level.”

Dirk Chitwood, World Class Manufacturing

Major household consumer products company

“I was optimistic that we were going to improve the process but what impressed me the most is how involved everyone was during the week. You kept everyone interested and involved the entire week.  It was interesting to see the shift in attitudes as the week went on.  I have had so many positive comments about last week. Everyone is energized and ready to improve even more. Thanks for all your help!”

---Brian Vance, Production Manager, Major Consumer Products Company

This event has completely exceeded all prior expectations.  This was unlike any process improvement I have ever been a part of.  I really don’t know if I could put a value on this training because this event will change my life for the next 50-60 years. This process could be applied to any and all aspects of work and life.  I am very glad I was able to attend this class.  Ron has taught me more than I could say.....Wow, what an eye opening week.”

---Brad Miller, Event participant, Major Beverage Bottler

"The event exceeded my expectations, because I did not expect to reduce time while reducing effort.  It is amazing what can be accomplished if we change the way we think.  This event should be part of any training program, because you can apply these principles to everything we do.  This training changed my perspective of looking at things and showed me the true meaning of teamwork.  Your class was a wonderful experience."  -- Hiram Ayala, Production Supervisor , Major Bottling Company

“Prior to the event, I was viewing this as a repackaged form of SMED.  After going through the process I found it was not that at all.  If Reduced Effort is not already the future of changeover improvements, it will be....The process works and is fun at the same time.  It makes you think, not just about changeovers, but so much more that is applicable to operations improvements.  I’ve been through many events and worked with many consultants.  Ron is by far the most engaging, interesting, and relevant one by far.  He connects with everyone and you can’t help but learn.”

---John O’Donnell, Operations Development Manager, Major Beverage Bottler

“I Can't believe a 42 minute filler changeover is now 7 minutes.  Simply awesome!”

Tommy Williams, Manager, World Class Manufacturing

Major household cleaning products manufacturer

“This training has been impactful in driving out wasted effort ........... The shift in operator thinking has been very exciting and was not fully expected.  The presentations and the work during the event were the drivers of this very positive cultural change in the plant.”

John Mutchler, Plant Manager

Major household cleaning products company

“The plant experienced a 43% and 50% reduction in change over downtime on their 2 lines.  I’m thrilled to see the huge reductions in change over times on each line.  This process reduced losses, drives up operating efficiency, and makes the operation safer.  What a great combination!!!!!!”

Rick McDonald, Dir. of Manufacturing

Major household cleaning products company

“Hey Ron, I could have used your help to ‘reduce my effort’ way up here.”

---Alan Bean, 4th man to walk on the moon, Apollo 12


"When you change the way people LOOK at their work, the WAY they work automatically changes.  Operators accept the new changeover procedures because their work becomes easier."  --Ron Heiskell

The ReducedEffort Process

• Reduces change over downtime

• Establishes best practice standard operating procedures (SOP's)

• Promotes LEAN on plant floor

• Encourages continuous improvement

• Sustains achieved results